Want to learn to ride?


Want to learn to ride?


  • Save time – Bikes and scooters typically spend 30% less time commuting than cars
  • Save money – bikes have lower road tax, starts at just £20 a year for smaller motorcycles, are free to park most places and you don’t have to pay congestion charges
  • Save fuel – bikes typically use half the fuel of cars, smaller motorbikes and scooters can do over 100MPG!
  • Save the planet – bikes and scooters typically emit half the CO2 of cars
  • Have fun – biking is fun so you arrive at work on time and happy.
  • Make friends – bikers are a friendly bunch so join in!
  • Go further! – bikes are not just for work so make that great escape a reality and Get On
  • More Flexibility – No more waiting for overcrowded and delayed buses, trains and trams. Just get on and go when you’re ready.

Motorcycles and scooters ideal for learner bikers and CBT holders:-


There are so many more bikes in the Honda range that are learner, commuter, teenager friendly.


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