• The new Vision 110 completes Honda’s ‘magnificent eight’ A1 licence line-up
  • Offers greater fuel efficiency, reduced weight, design refresh and enhanced practicality
  • Joins seven other A1 licence Honda’s: Forza 125, PCX125, SH125, SH Mode, MSX125 Grom, CB125R and CB125F
  • All provide high levels of technology, practicality, fuel economy and fun
  • Commuter market showing healthy demand during 2020 as people seek their own personal transport solution

Honda Motor Europe is pleased to announce the addition of the significantly revised and upgraded Vision 110 to its motorcycle and scooter line-up for 2021.

First arriving in Europe in 2012, Honda’s urban scooter has always offered high build quality and fantastic value for money. For 2021 it gains a complete style refresh, while shedding 2kg of weight to 100kg thanks to its next-generation ‘enhanced Smart Architecture Frame’ (eSAF). Its upgraded air-cooled ‘enhanced Smart Power (eSP)’ engine is 5% more fuel efficient and retains its popular Idling Stop function. The practicality of ample underseat storage space is now supplemented by new LCD instrumentation and the handy Honda Smart Key.

The Vision 110 is Honda’s 8th model in the A1 license category and the last to be refreshed for 2021. Demand for small capacity motorcycles and scooters has withstood the severe challenges of 2020 with great resilience: ‘commuter’ sales have held firm, remaining flat year on year through to September, and actually enjoyed a 30% year-on-year increase for the period from June to September.

Honda, as the world’s largest motorcycle and scooter manufacturer, has long sought to welcome new riders with an extensive range of A1 licence-compatible machines, and holds a 21.2% share of the commuter market in Europe. Continued investment in manufacturing and R&D throughout 2020 means Honda’s line-up offers something for every taste and style, ranging from fundamental, value-for-money transport to high-end, high-performing desirability. Although each offers its own unique appeal and identity, they all have in common a high level of specification, practicality, fuel economy, build quality and fun.


Here is a reminder of the other seven A1 licence-compatible Honda models:


Announced in November, the best-selling 125cc scooter in Europe in 2020 has evolved its futuristic style and features more under seat storage, USB-C charging port and Smart Key. Power is drawn from a new, ‘enhanced Smart Power Plus’ (eSP+) four-valve engine, with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). A new frame incorporates longer suspension travel at the rear, and larger-sized tyres.

Forza 125

The latest version of the ultimate sports/GT 125cc scooter was unveiled in October alongside its new bigger siblings, the Forza 350 and Forza 750, with cosmetic updates that both add to the premium appeal and improve aerodynamics. The electric screen has an extra 40mm travel while a USB-C port built in to the glovebox adds convenience. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) is now a feature of the eSP+ engine.

SH Mode

Revealed in November, the fashionable, fun-focussed SH Mode has a smart 2021 update with LED headlight, eSAF chassis and eSP+ four-valve, water-cooled SOHC engine. New wheels employ fuel-saving tyres, a new glovebox houses a USB port, and there is more under-seat storage and Smart Key operation.


Perennially one of Europe’s most popular scooters – second only to the PCX125 in the 125cc scooter sale chart for 2020 – was completely renewed for the 2020 sales season, with restyled bodywork hiding over 50% more storage space thanks to a redesigned frame. And its four-valve engine gave a strong boost to acceleration, plus a stronger top end AND greater fuel-efficiency.


The CB125R is a small bike that thinks big. For 2021, the 125cc member of the Neo Sports Café family – announced in November –  has a power and torque boost from an all-new, DOHC 4 valve engine, plus a major suspension upgrade, becoming the first 125cc motorcycle to feature Showa’s high-quality 41mm ‘Big Piston’ Separate Function (SFF-BP) USD forks.


Announced in September, the CB125F has a ground-up redesign for 2021, becoming a huge 11kg lighter. Its low-friction eSP engine improves fuel economy by 30%, for a theoretical tank range of over 700km, while maintaining performance. Equipment includes an LED headlight, centre stand and digital instrument panel with ECO meter.

MSX125 Grom

Everybody’s favourite minibike has a new name, plus retro-cool style update, with easily-removed body panels (ripe for customisation), new, more powerful air-cooled engine and five-speed gearbox. A revised LCD dash includes rev-counter and gear position indicator.