Ultimate Wheels Honda – MX 2021


ACU British Motorcross FINALE

James Dodd decided to have one last major race this season and it was the final round of the Revo ACU British championship at Landrake.
Driving into the circuit Saturday it looked in fine condition ahead of Sundays racing and the weather was looking pretty good.
With James still having a slight wrist injury from the final round of the AMCA Championship we were not sure what to expect.
In qualifying he put a fast lap in on lap one, which he couldn’t improve on as the session went on. So he headed to the gate in moto one with a P21 qualifying time.
Race 1
Good jump out the gate but unfortunately a crash on lap 1 meant he had a lot of work to do. He made a fast recovery but was dead last so immediately got his head down and went to work on the riders ahead. With plenty of lines to choose from on the technical Cornish circuit he started making moves and worked hard the entire moto to end up P17.
Race 2
Good Jump again but got boxed in going into the first corner and also when the track funnelled in down to the first s-bends, so yet again had a lot of work to do. But with plenty of lines to choose from we knew he could make it happen. As the race went on James was having great battles through the field and making some great passes to finally finish P16 for 18th overall.
Well done James on a solid days riding.

Fire works fly at the last round

Round 10 – Lower Drayton


What a weekend! Full of pretty much everything drama, excitement and some damn good racing.
Saturday morning started well for James going P3 in the soft loamy ground and Mark going P14, tyre choice was going to be key today with the soft sandy corners but then also a hard Stoney base in some parts of the circuit.
Race 1
Gets underway with James getting a great start inside the top 3 and Mark just outside the top 10. James gets aggressive straight away going p2 and hounding greedy for the number 1 spot while Mark is dicing through mid pack. James has a go for the lead but unfortunately makes a mistake and washes out then losing a place to burton and coming home in P3, Mark had a hard thought race but was struggling to find a rhythm and brought home P13.
Race 2
James gets out to an tremendous holeeeeshotttttt leading the way while carnage and take outs happened behind, Mark had a similar start outside the top 10. The race however was hindered by ash greedy getting black flagged but then refusing to leave the race and continuing to ride and josh waterman trying to play games with ash out off frustration, which then put James, Luke Hawkins and Luke Burton out of rhythm who were trying to battle for that top spot. James eventually brought home P3 after all this un sportsman like behaviour and mark thought hard to get into the top ten in P9.
Day 2
Going into day two it was all to play for with James only 4 points down off the top spot, the track was graded lovely and watered a lot more than the following day which should hopefully create more lines.
Race 1
James and Mark get out to a flyer both inside the top five! James gets to work straight away and working hard for a few laps to eventually getting into the number two spot past hawkins who is quick to react and gain the spot back. James looked comfortable in the number three spot and was pushing hard but unfortunately made a mistake on the last lap having a massive crash but still managed to bring home P4 but battered and bruised. Mark had a tremendous first few laps pushing hard and lapping well, at the midway point he started to ride a little tight and lost a few spots but he definitely shown some good speed and promise that he can run the pace.
Race 2
Both riders battered and bruised this race was going to be a hard one in the heat, James again gets out to another top 5 start while Mark was was dead last. James gritted his teeth and had a solid ride for P4 clearly in pain its going to be a hard last moto. Mark got his head down and started making passes straight away, he worked his way through the pack to take a solid P10 finish from a terrible start.
Race 3
Another top 5 start for James in moto three and a great jump for mark but got closed off going into the first turn so had another battle from last place. James rode another solid race being ultra consistent and came home P3. Mark put on another charge from the back with an injured hand and got P11.
After a long season James came away with P2 in the championship 19 points shy of the top spot Ashley Greedy, well done to ash and the whole team. Mark managed to get the P10 spot we was looking for in the championship.
I would like to take this opportunity top thank all our sponsors who go above and beyond for our team and keep us rolling week in week out. We would also like to thank the team of people who help set up each week and make life that little easier and last but not least we would like to thank all the riders and mechanics for there efforts this year,


Round 9 – LONG LANE

Mx1 was first out on track for qualifying and it was deep with the over night rain we had, but the boys got there heads down straight away with Mark setting his fast lap on lap 1 going P12 and James left it late and set his fastest lap on 5 of 6 going P4.
We knew starts were going to be key on a very one lined track making passing very difficult.
Race 1
James rode a good race coming in 4th place with 3rd in his sights the whole race but unfortunately not being able to make the pass.
Mark had a great jump out the gate but lost the momentum half way down the straight and having hard battles all moto for P11
Race 2
Not a great start to the moto with James not getting the jump and Mark getting landed on over a jump leaving them both with a lot of work to do. James pushed hard for P6 while mark salvaged a P16.
Race 3
Going into race 3 Mark was a bit bruised from his moto 2 mishap but he worked hard for a P13 to end a not so great weekend for him ending up 13th overall.
James had an okay start but was really struggling to make passes on the one line track and brought home P5 giving him 5th overall which was not great for his title hopes.



Round 7 & 8 – BROOKETHORPE

Another two rounds in the book.
With the down pour we had this week we were unsure about the track, but it was in fine condition Saturday apart from the woods. Both James and Mark set there fastest laps early on in qualifying, James going P4 and Mark P10, Adam didn’t set his fastest lap until the last lap going P7.
Moto 1 was solid for James and Adam going 2nd and 6th unfortunately mark had a terrible start and on a very one lined track in places it was hard to pass, bringing home P19.
Moto 2 James had another consistent ride in P4, while Mark stepped up his game and brought home P9, Adam had an up and down race hindered by mistakes and crashes coming home P19.
Day 2 started very wet and ended up in good shape by the end of the day especially with the rain holding off.
Race 1 Started fantastic for both riders with James going P2 and Mark finally getting a half about start and bringing home P6.
Race 2 was much the same with James going P3 and Mark P12 (bad start)
Race 3 Another great start for both riders and another great result with James going P4 and Mark taking P7.
James rode fantastic all weekend, he was always in the top 5 and could of won a few moto’s if it wasn’t for a few little errors here and there. But the technical track caught him out a few times like it did a lot of riders this weekend. Well done James on finishing P4 overall.
Mark had his best and most consistent weekend yet, starts were still not amazing but were a big improvement on recent weekends. He rode strong in all his moto’s and 100% had a top 5 result in there if he could maybe make passes a little sooner on riders he was faster than, but all in great day and well done on finishing P7 overall.



What a weekend! The weather man was definitely right it was hot.

The Mx1 boys were out for the qualifying second and the track was already dry! So we knew we were in for a dusty day. With James feeling under the weather we wanted him to just do his best and salvage points, he struck first going P6 which we were very happy with. Mark struggled with his bike set up in qualifying and didn’t manage a fast lap and had a disappointing 19th.

James did better than we all hoped, he got stronger as the day went on and really showed true grit in every moto. His starts were on point in every race which put him in contention from the start, he managed a P5, P2, P1 score card which gave him 2nd overall. Well done James on a solid performance, bring on Brookthorpe.

Marks day was a mixture of emotions, not really enjoying his bike in race 1 but still managing P14 from an abysmal start and then Race 2 he got severe rope burn from a flaying post and rope around his neck which put him out of contention for the rest of the moto. Race 3 was just a survival race, being in pain and not really being able to move freely he brought home a respectable P15 giving him 17th overall.


Round 5 – Hawkstone

James and Mark hit the track for qualifying fully prepped for a mud event and just wanted to get one fast lap in and preserve the bike ready for moto 1.
James struck first hitting a fast lap pretty early on, getting P4 and Mark hit next with P14 for a good gate pick come race time.
The rain was lashing down and boys were ready, the gate drops and James gets out to a flyer getting the hole shot and checking out early on.
Mark had a nightmare of a start and lost his goggles in lap two!
James rode a faultless race until the last two laps where a slight error cost him the win and he ended up bringing home P2 and very good result in mega hard conditions.
Mark came from dead last with no goggles to 9th place showing pure grit and determination, it was a fantastic ride from mark showing exactly what he can do in tough conditions.
The heavens opened yet again ahead of race 2 and Dodd was in the mood for another holeshot! Really getting to grips with the Honda this weekend and showing the power of the stock crf 450 in these heavy conditions.
Yet again Doddy rode a great race, but lost two spots in the last 3 laps to the hard charging Luke Hawkins and championship leader Ashley Greedy. James rode great all day and very smart to secure 2nd spot on the podium in conditions which could easily go one or two ways.
Mark had another poor start making the race a lot harder for him, coming from the back in these conditions were hard on the rider the bike and the goggles, but in true Young form he got his head down and started plugging away on the riders ahead, making passes on every possible part of the track he brought home 14th place and that gave him 12th overall.

Round 4 – Norley

Joe H was first out in the Mx2. He was feeling good heading into this meeting with his bike feeling much better. Unfortunately on lap 3 of practice/qualifying he took a little tumble nothing major, but he got hit by another rider resulting in a broken scapular and fractured spine. Hopefully will have him back for Brookthorpe in 6 weeks time.
Out next was the CRF450 boys Adam, James and Mark.
James got out to a flyer setting pole and filling himself with confidence heading into moto1, Adam set 6th fastest time another good position for gate pick come race time and Mark set 15th fastest which he wasn’t happy with but struggled to get a clean lap in.
Race 1
James brought home a very good 5th place finish after starting well outside the top 10.
Adam finished P11 which was a shame as he was running P4 for a long time but a mistake cost him.
Mark eventually brought home P18 after a hard battle from outside the top 20. unfortunately for mark he is still struggling with a back problem from a previous crash.
Race 2
James had a tremendous start running P3 for most of the race but made a hard charge in the latter part of the moto to take the top position, but with a last lap pass by Ashley greedy it demoted him to P2, but still a great result.
Adam had another solid moto bringing home P6 which he really wasn’t happy about and was struggling with bike set up on the demanding Norley race circuit.
Mark was in survival mode clearly in pain and the bike had a rear shock issue, it was just one of those days for him bringing home P23.
Race 3
James had another consistent ride bringing home P4 and a podium for the ultimate wheels honda team again. Well done James.
Adam had a much more settled ride in the last, not really enjoying the track but salvaging good points for P5 and P6 overall.
Mark had to take a spare bike out for the last moto which wasn’t set for him and he struggled from the get go and unfortunately had a DNF. heal up and come back stronger for Hawkestone.
After a few more confidence building rides ahead of this weeks championship Sean Reynolds was ready to go. Heading out into quali he managed a great 13th place going into moto 1.
Race 1
Not a great start outside the top 15 but he knuckled down and started to get to work, with a hard charge all moto he managed P12.
Race 2
Was going okay not a great start again but was working hard in P14 and making moves but a big off put a dampener on all his hard work putting him in P23.
Race 3
DNS due to the race 2 crash.
Overall not a bad weekend for the team, we are still in contention and very much looking forward to a Championship standard track come Hawkestone.


Round 3 – Warmingham Lane
Credit: Joe Haskayne Photography
Mx1 riders did not disappoint this weekend. They all rode out of there skin and put on a display to be proud of. On Saturday all three riders started well and ended well with Adam Chatfield making the podium in 3rd position, James Dodd 4th and Mark young 8th. Which was very good going on a hard dusty but also wet track at times.
On Sunday the boys came out swinging again and produced some of the best racing over the weekend and was great to see, Adam and James managed to make the podium yet again coming 2nd and 3rd. Mark young got T-boned in race one putting him in pain for the rest of the day and just riding smart for points.
We now have Adam sitting 4th in the championship, James Dodd is now sitting 5th and Mark Young is now lying in 9th.
VETS rider, Sean Reynolds, had a mixed weekend. He was not keen on the track conditions and with a massive crash in Moto 2 it put him out for the rest of the weekend.
Mx2 debut for Joe Haskayne went cant what only be described as terrible. From the get go he struggled and he said his bike was un-rideable due to the suspension being well off and couldn’t string a decent lap together without feeling uncomfortable. So back to the drawing board for him to get his bike set up correctly and try get used to it before the next round at norley.



Round 1 – Boraston Race Circuit

Adam Chatfield was added to the team, and he started his debut with Ultimate Wheels Honda this weekend!
The weekend started badly, with our 125 riders bikes getting stolen early hours Sunday morning from the circuit which left the team in a state of shock and no bike for Joe to ride!
Vet rider Sean Reynolds, who had the joy of being on track first, struggled to get one clean lap in, especially after the recent down pours. Struggling to get a rhythm all day, he still knuckled down and brought home a 22nd and 27th.
James, Mark and Adam all put in a solid qualifying session on a very sticky and messy track. James went P4, Adam P8 and Mark P10 setting the Team up nicely for a good days racing.
Moto 1
Mark came out swinging with a tremendous start running P3 while Adam and James were both deep outside the top 10 with a lot of work to do. Mark was riding well but got a little tight mid moto and with little bike time lacked a little race fitness but he brought home a well deserved 7th place. Adam and James both worked there butts off all race, making a lot of passes on a very technical track. Adam ended up bringing home 5th, while James took 9th.
Moto 2
This was a real test for the riders, the ruts were deep and the track was very technical.
The gate drops, James and Adam get out to a flyer both inside the top 5 while Mark was just shy of the top 10. By the end of lap 1, James makes the move to head into P1 Adam moves into P3 while Mark is in P10. James rode an absolutely faultless race making the track look very easy and brought home the race win. Adam was on for a podium finish but unfortunately a lapper cost him a few places in the last few laps and he ends up bringing home a 5th place finish. Mark rode another great race, a few little tweaks here and there and we will definitely be at the Sharpe end P14.
Well done today to all the riders, you all rode fantastic! Roll on Round Two.




2021 Team Announcement

James Dodd MX1

Back for another year, the ultra consistent James Dodd. The team really believe the all new CRF 450 could be the weapon to take him to the top step of the podium. Good luck this season!

Mark Young MX1

Back for his second year is Mark Young. This time on the CRF 450 machine. We can’t wait to see what Mark can do on this bike, he has always preferred the bigger cc bike and we are ready for Mark to show his true potential this year. Good luck this season!

Tommy Alba MX1

New Rider Alert! We would like to welcome the ultra talented Tommy Alba to the Ultimate Wheels Honda team. The team are very excited to have Tommy on board. With the team on side Tommy has everything he needs to succeed this year and can give him the best opportunity to really showcase his talents. Good luck this season!

Joe Haskayne 125

New Rider Alert! This rider you will probably know more for his photography, but he has decided to have a go himself and we were more than happy to help him out. Joe has been out the sport for many years last completing a full season in 2006, but he is making good progress at the moment and just needs bike time. Good luck this season!