1. Try Out Varying Types of Baggage

You might want to head out on a few smaller trips and test out different baggage types. From saddlebags, tank bags and tail bags, you have a lot of options available to you. What might seem like a good idea at first, might not work when push comes to shove.

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2. Consider Your Clothing Choice

Just as crucial as your baggage is the choice you make in clothing. Obviously, helmets are a must-have if you want to arrive home safely. Aside from that, you should also consider wearing gloves. If you crash, your first instinct will be to put your hands down. A quality set of gloves will protect your fragile skin.

You also want to evaluate your need for protective clothing such as jackets, suits and pants. The body armour protects you, and will give you extra piece of mind. Finally, invest in a high-quality set of waterproof boots for even more peace of mind.

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3. Plan Your Route

Finding places to sleep, restaurants to eat at and where to fuel up are all things you should consider before heading out. If you plan to ride into unfamiliar territory, you don’t want to end up stuck without a place to go.

Try to plan 150 miles per day, at the most. Otherwise, you won’t have enough time to enjoy the scenery and local sights. You might also find yourself tired if you attempt to go much further than this in a day. By giving yourself plenty of flexibility, you can make a last-minute decision to stop and see something else that catches your eye.

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4. Travel with a First Aid Kit

You never know when an emergency will strike. By having a few essentials with you on the road, you ensure that a small incident doesn’t derail your plans.

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5. Always Inspect the Bike Before Riding

It’s imperative that you give your bike a quick inspection before you head out each day. Check the tyre pressures, lights and ensure everything is functional. It’s most important to stay safe on the road and a few minutes each day helps to protect you.