Suzuki Katana Roadshow 9-10 April



Join us on 9th-10th April to celebrate the launch of the 2019 Suzuki Katana!


  • Join us from 6.30pm on 9th April to celebrate the launch of the 2019 Suzuki Katana!
  • We will also have the Katana until 5pm on 10th April, if you can’t make the evening of the 9th.
  • Pre production model on display for you to feast your eyes on!
  • Refreshments will be available. More details to follow.


Exclusive ‘on-the-day’ offers, from 6.30pm on 9th April!

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Refreshments will be available.

Call 01656 661131 for more information



History of the Katana


1979 Prototype Katana, the Target Design ED-2 debuts, at the Cologne Show to huge acclaim. Suzuki decide to put it (and the smaller ED-1) into production

1980 Production GSX1100SZ is unveiled at Cologne and goes on sale along with new GS650G and GS550M the following year

1981 First non-Katana but with Katana styling influences, the GSX400F four goes on sale

Late 1981 Homologation-special GSX1000S Katana goes on sale to qualify for production racing

1982 Japan-only GSX750S Katana goes on sale in domestic market. Essentially it’s a GSX1100S but with a GSX750E motor and larger back wheel. Some made it to the UK as grey imports. GS125E, with Katana-esque tank, also launched.

1983 Last year of GSX1100S sales in slightly modified form, with revised wheels, colour schemes and other details. Japan-only GSX750S updated to GSX750S2 with 16-inch front wheel.

1984 New Japan-only GSX750S3 launched, based on GSX750EFE with revised styling including pop-up headlamp. Briefly officially available in the UK although most are grey imports.

1985 GSX-R750F launched. All Katanas officially dropped in Europe.

1990 ‘Remanufactured’ batch of 200 Katana 1100s produced for Japan market, all individually numbered.

1991 Second batch of 200 ‘remanufactured’ 1100s made. Replica GSX250S and GSX400S Katanas also debut in Japan, some make it to UK as grey imports

1994 250/400 Katanas deleted but a further evolved 1100 goes back into production for Japanese market only with changes such as more modern brakes and 95bhp power restriction.

2001 Last 1100 Katana built.