Suzuki ‘Glass Coating’ Paint Protection


Suzuki ‘Glass Coating’

Suzuki Glasscoat is a new complex formula ceramic-hardened glass finish which bonds to your motorcycle’s paint surfaces, painted wheels, perspex screens and lighting. Its advanced technology means that it exhibits self-cleaning properties, repels liquids and is extremely resilient to all kinds of damage.


Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat features and benefits

  • Forms an invisible but substantial ceramic barrier which protects against bird lime, solvents, traffic film, insect strikes, road salt and environmental damage.
  • 1 application = 5 years protection
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • The most environmentally friendly paint protection available of its’ kind.
  • Exceptionally hard wearing.
  • Excellent dealer profit opportunity.
  • Boeing Aerospace & NASA Space Shuttle approved.


HOW DOES SUZUKI GLASSCOAT compare to its competitors?

Suzuki Glasscoat comparison chart


Effective on both new and pre-owned bikes
Suzuki Glasscoating helps new motorcycles retain their ‘just new’ look and revitalises the look of pre-owned bikes. Dirt and grime is easily washed off, ensuring that treated motorcycles stay looking cleaner for longer. This is unique to the market place.


No maintenance means peace of mind
Suzuki Glasscoat is up to 4 times thicker than existing fluoropolymer type protectors and is ten times more durable compared to most other products. This unsurpassed and consistent performance means that only Suzuki Glasscoat comes with a standard 5 year guarantee. No inspection or conserver type top up maintenance is required.


Advanced technology
The Suzuki Glasscoat protection system is so advanced the technology was utilised to protect key components on the NASA Space Programme, delivering exceptional protection in extreme temperatures and the very harshest of environments.


Technological excellence
Existing paint protection products simply cannot compete with the outstanding performance of new Suzuki Glasscoat.


Thunder Road can fit this to your precious machine from just £190*. Comes with a 5 year guarantee when applied at our dealership.


Call now and book in, 01656 642950 for our parts department.


*Bike must be brought to us in a clean/valeted state. If not, there is extra labour cost added to the £190 for valeting of the vehicle. It is essential the coating is applied to a mint, clean, dirt and residue free surface in order to be 100% effective. £190 is for naked vehicle, £220 for faired.