Project Scout 3K Challenge 2021


Indian Motorcycle has laid down the gauntlet.

We have been asked to showcase our creative talents in an Indian Scout 3K Challenge.

We have a modest £3,000 parts and labour budget, with just a few weeks to complete their ‘Project Scout 3K’ entry.



Here’s our progress so far…

Phase 1 – What bike and why?

We initially decided to go for the Scout Bobber as our base bike to customise, as it already shared the rugged, slammed styling and characteristics that would have been perfect for the aesthetic we were aiming towards.

Further consideration then led us down the path of the 100th Anniversary model; with its chrome features and accessories, it could prove useful for future modifications/alterations. The Anniversary Edition comes with:

  • Luggage Rack & Chrome Finishes
  • Leather Solo Saddle Seat
  • Limited Edition Paint and 100th Anniversary Badge
  • Beach Bars
  • Black Wire Wheels with Gold Pinstripes


Phase 2 – Mind-Mapping / Ideas

Style & Inspiration

We have an original 1942 American Army Scout 741B as part of our collection in the Bridgend Store, and our original theme and colour inspiration was taken from this iconic bike. However, this has been replicated over and over with other custom Scouts, so we soon deviated from this idea, but it still gave us something to consider.

1942 Scout 741B


Then we had a look at the Guy Martin – Wall of Death Scout and compared it to an original Wall of Death Scout from 1928, which had been kindly loaned to us for our Indian Motorcycle dealership Grand Opening, back in 2018. Take a look at these bikes below:

1928 Wall of Death Scout
Guy’s Wall of Death: LIVE











2016 Project Scout Winner – Motos Illimitees, QC

This bike is a tribute to the legendary Scout who used to race on Board track – created in by an Canadian Dealer, Motos Illimitees, for Project Scout.

White tyres mounted on 26″ wheels gives an antique look to this historic motorcycle. Cope pipes and wood imitation seat recall the 1920 – 1927 models.








These bikes have been modified to fit their purpose, and although they are many years apart, they compliment each other extremely well and pay homage to Indian Motorcycle’s legacy and heritage. Physically they host a Solo seat, spoked wheels, straight through exhaust are just some of the features visible on both versions above.


Below you can see a collage of ideas we have pulled from the 4 bikes above, which could help give us some visuals as to where we might go with the build.

But this is by no means a final plan….. What have we started?! 😂



  • Tyres – White Walled
  • Wheels – FTR? Re-use existing spoked wheels?
  • Exhaust – ‘Chopper Pots’
  • Suicide Shift?



Phase 3 – Prep

Scout 100th Anniversary stripping has begun! 











Phase 4 – Rebuild

Starting to take its shape now. We have played around with rep-positioning the existing parts on the bike, shaved bits off, smoothed things over and turned things around. So much more to continue playing with – stay tuned!









Phase 5 – The Finished Piece


  • ‘Thunder Tracker’
Main Specs:
  • FTR Spoked Wheels
  • Rear BREMBO Brake Caliper
  • BikeIt LED Rear Fender Tail Light
  • Vance & Hines Chrome Twin Slash Slip-On Exhausts
  • DT3R 150/70/18 & 120/70/19 Tyres
  • FTR ABS Ring-tone
  • FTR Rotar Rear
  • FTR Torque Bracket
Dealership Name:
  • Thunder Road Motorcycles – Bridgend
  • Phil John & Staff