Meet the new lightweight king of the streets, the Suzuki GSX-S125. It has the best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration in the 125cc street sport class.

  • 15 POWER (PS)
  • 124.4 ENGINE (CC)
  • 133 WEIGHT (KG)
  • 122.82 MPG*

COLOUR OPTIONS (please call us for colour availability 01656 661131):

  • Metallic Matt Fibroin grey / Solid Black 50% Gloss BW4
  • Brilliant White YUH
  • Metallic Triton Blue YSF


  • £4,399 + OTR

Accessories Brochure:



DATA TAG – £49.99 fitted to bike – please request when purchasing.


Performance for the Streets

For decades Suzuki has been building class leading performance based Supersport bikes with our GSX-R range, and muscular aggressive street bikes. In recent years we’ve combined these skills and experience to create the GSX-S line, a range of bikes with Supersport derived engines and performance, but harnessed in aggressive naked street bikes for a stripped back look and street focused performance. It began with the GSX-S1000 in 2015, then came the GSX-S750 and now an all new start point for the GSX-S family comes the stunning GSX-S125.

New GSX-S Engine

The power plant for the new GSX-S125 is a single cylinder, liquid cooled, DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) with 125cc. It powers the GSX-S to great performance on the streets and a lot more besides. The engineers behind the GSX-S series have been perfecting engines for over 30 years, and this is their latest masterpiece. In the 125cc class the GSX-S125 has the best power to weight ratio, the best torque to weight ratio and the best acceleration. So the rider can enjoy the most fun and excitement, every corner, every straight and every ride. This level of performance is well known for a GSX-R and now a GSX-S too, but beyond the power and acceleration there is even more, this engine is also extremely fuel efficient as well, so you can travel further on each tank of fuel before its time to re-fill.

The Science of Engine Design

There is a science to building high-performance engines, and the GSX-S125’s DOHC engine is a perfect example of how to make a lot of power out of a very efficient and compact power plant. The objective is combustion efficiency, optimal balance of the sporty engine character and fuel economy.

Efficient Liquid Cooling

An effective liquid-cooling system with a large radiator helps keep the engine at the optimum temperature, producing consistent performance and maximising fuel efficiency and mileage.

Advanced Electronic Fuel Injection

The GSX-S125 features advanced electronic fuel injection, which delivers fuel based on what the rider is doing with the twist-grip throttle as well as input from sensors monitoring engine rpm, intake air pressure and temperature, exhaust oxygen content and coolant temperature.

All New Chassis

The chassis design of the GSX-S125 is light and compact, giving the rider ultimate control on the streets for a fast and agile ride. For a street bike low weight is key, this helps deliver a bike with responsive and rewarding handling as well as added confidence on the street. The Engineers behind the GSX-S125  have created the lightest bike in the 125cc class, giving the rider the edge over the competition.

Light Aluminium Wheels

Contributing to the bikes low weight are the 10 spoke cast aluminium wheels. Having light weight wheels helps ensure great handling, for a ride that’s fun and a machine that goes exactly where you want it to. The slim design of the spokes also adds to this GSX-S’s aggressive street looks, along with the sporty petal type brake discs front and rear.

Lightweight ABS

The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is the latest Bosch ABS 10 base unit, which is the lightest and most compact two-channel ABS system on the market.

Suzuki Easy Start System and Shutter-Key Lock

The GSX-S125 features a convenient easy start ignition system with a shutter-key lock system. The key fob carries a unique, random magnetic code pattern which opens the shutter when the fob is lined up and pushed into a receiver on the ignition lock cover, and the ignition key can then be inserted into the lock and the ignition turned on.

Styled for the Streets

The GSX-S125 has exciting, aggressive style that transforms it into a rolling work of motorcycle art. It starts at the front with a modern headlight cowl and instrument module, and continues with a sculpted fuel tank and extended upper side cowlings, plus a lower engine cowling.

LED Lighting

The GSX-S125 features vertically stacked LED headlights, with the low beam above the high beam, and position lights on each side of the headlight. The GSX-S125’s LED headlights are bright and compact, lighter and longer lasting compared to conventional halogen-bulb headlights seen on competing machines.

LCD Instruments

The Suzuki GSX-S125 has a full LCD instrument panel set in a modern dashboard, framed by turn signal, neutral, hi-beam, coolant temperature, malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), ABS, and programmable engine-RPM indicator lights.




Street Accessory Pack

£300 Customer Saving £40!
  1.  Rear Seat Tail Cover
  2.  Tank Bag Small (Including Fixation Ring)
  3.  Tank Pad Protector
  4.  Heel Plate Protection Set







Scorpion Exhaust now available

Products have now been released for the new Suzuki GSX-S125.

Technicians have developed a T304 stainless steel full system  which comes complete with silencer, connecting pipe, header pipe and full fitting kit.

The Serket Taper silencer is available in brushed stainless steel, carbon fibre and satin titanium finishes.

The RP-1GP is available in carbon fibre or satin titanium to maintain it’s feather light profile. Both options are dyno developed to ensure they run with the bikes standard engine settings.



  • Serket Taper Full System S.S. – £289
  • Serket Taper Full System Carbon – £419
  • Serket Taper Full System Titanium – £419
  • RP-1GP Full System Carbon – £449
  • RP-1GP Full System Titanium – £449


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