GSX-R125, the best power-to-weight ratio, torque-to-weight ratio and acceleration, plus nimble handling and great fuel economy in the 125cc class.

  • 15 POWER (PS)
  • 124 ENGINE (CC)
  • 134 WEIGHT (KG)
  • 122.82 MPG*

COLOUR OPTIONS (please call us for colour availability 01656 661131):

  • Metallic Triton Blue YSF
  • Titan Black YVU
  • Brilliant White YUH


  • GSX-R125: £4,699 + OTR

Accessories Brochure:


DATA TAG – £49.99 fitted to bike – please request when purchasing.



The Suzuki GSX-R line has defined sportbike performance for over 30 years, with more than a million sold worldwide. So the dedicated Suzuki engineers who have devoted their lives to the GSX-R take their responsibilities very seriously. Meet the revolutionary Suzuki GSX-R125, with the best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration in the 125cc class.


There is a science to building high-performance engines and the GSX-R125’s DOHC engine is a perfect example of how to make a lot of power out of a very efficient and compact power plant. This power combines with strong torque and exceptional fuel economy, to create an engine worthy of the GSX-R marque.


Motorcycle News took six of the best sporty 125s for a two-day thrash to find the perfect L-plate thriller. The GSX-R125 topped MCN’s speed chart with a speedometer reading of 72.75mph and also topped their track day table making it the most fun 125cc bike to ride.


At 134kg ready to ride, the GSX-R125 is light and compact, giving ultimate control in the corners for a fun and sporty ride. Low weight is key, this helps deliver a bike with responsive and rewarding handling for added confidence on the street and low lap times on the track.


Contributing to the bikes low weight are the 10 spoke cast aluminium wheels. Having light weight wheels helps ensure great handling, for a ride that’s fun and a machine that goes exactly where you want it to. The slim design of the spokes also adds to this GSX-R’s great sportsbike looks, along with the sporty petal type brake discs front and rear.


The GSX-R125 features some of our most advanced rider technology, including our all new key-less ignition system, and Suzuki Easy Start System.


To make the best use of every ounce of power from the GSX-R125’s class leading engine, the bikes sporty bodywork is also extremely aerodynamically efficient to reduce drag and maximise efficient speed. This design is the result of extensive wind tunnel development, and the sleek bodywork also enhances the GSX-R125’s easy handling character. Furthermore, it also has the smallest projected frontal area in the 125cc class helping to achieve that best in class acceleration and supports high levels of fuel efficiency.




Sports Accessory Pack

£235 Customer saving £65!
  1.  Rear Seat Tail Cover
  2.  Double Bubble Windscreen
  3.  Tank Pad Protector
  4.  Heel Plate Protection Set





Aftermarket Extras:

Scorpion Red Power full system

Scorpion release a new full system option to suit the Suzuki GSX-R / S 125 motorcycle


The new innovative full system is constructed from premium T304 stainless steel pipework and comes with a full fitting kit for a straight forward installation. Riders can select the retro inspired Red Power silencer in three visually pleasing sleeve finishes. Brushed stainless steel, stealthy black ceramic and lightweight satin titanium options are all available.

The kit has been dyno developed to suit both Japanese 125 motorcycles, so no remapping is required, just fit and ride. Once installed, the product sharpens throttle response and increases bhp which enhances the bikes rideability.

  • Red Power full system with brushed Stainless Steel Red Power silencer.
    (GSX-R125) – £389
  • Red Power full system with black ceramic Red Power silencer.
    (GSX-R125) – £419
  • Red Power full system with brushed stainless steel Red Power silencer.
    (GSX-S125) – £389
  • Red Power full system with black ceramic Red Power silencer.
    (GSX-S125) – £419
  • Red Power full system with satin titanium Red Power silencer.
    (GSX-R125) – £419
  • Red Power full system with satin titanium Red Power silencer.
    (GSX-S125) – £419

OE: 13 bhp
Scorpion: 13.6 bhp

OE: 4.8 kg
Scorpion: 2.6 kg

Scorpion Serket Taper  & RP-1GP full systems


Technical Data Documents 

  • Serket Taper SS – £389
  • Serket Taper Carbon – £419
  • Serket Taper Titanium – £419
  • RP-1GP Carbon = £449
  • RP-1GP Titanium = £449



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