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2018 GL1800 Goldwing

2018 GL1800 Goldwing

The ultimate tourer.

Now, with an all-new shape – slimmer and lighter – the world’s most famous two-wheeled cruiser enters a new era.

Colour Options:

  • GL1800 Gold Wing – Candy Argent Red / Pearl Glare White
  • GL1800 Gold Wing ‘Tour’ with DCT & air bag– Candy Argent Red/Darkness Black metallic

DCT is only available on the Tour model with Airbag.

OTR Prices:

  • £26,779
  • DCT £29,799


  • Compact and lighter (48kg lighter)
  • Electric windscreen, adjustable for angle & height
  • Brand new aluminium beam frame moves the engine & rider forward, improving comfort
  • 7″ TFT display for navigation & audio information + apple carplay
  • Rear spring preload electrically adjustable
  • Smart key control adds convenience for ignition & luggage

Model updates:

Redesigned from the wheels up, the new Honda Gold Wing is sharper, more compact and lighter; its monumental flat six-cylinder engine now features 4-valves per cylinder and comes equipped with Throttle By Wire, 4 riding modes, Honda Selectable Torque Control and Hill Start Assist. The new chassis features an aluminium beam frame, double wishbone front suspension and single-sided Pro-Arm – damping is electrically adjustable, as is rear spring preload. An electric screen, Smart Key and Apple CarPlay are also standard equipment. An entirely new, third generation of Honda’s unique Dual Clutch Transmission – with seven speeds – will also be available


 Styling & Equipment

  • Taut lines with a contemporary edge show off the motorcycle underneath
  • Comfort, heat management and air management vastly improved
  • Electric windscreen adjustable for angle and height
  • Cruise control operates smoothly via Throttle By Wire (TBW)
  • Ample luggage capacity for touring, and top box still takes 2 full-face helmets
  • 7-inch TFT display provides navigation and audio information
  • Apple CarPlay allows iPhone users to use their device
  • Full LED lighting and auto-cancelling indicators
  • Smart key control adds convenience for ignition and luggage


  • Extensively revised flat six-cylinder engine 6.2kg lighter, with 4 valves per cylinder
  • Throttle By Wire (TBW) adds 4 rider modes to tailor power output
  • The rider modes also manage HSTC, suspension damping and brake force
  • Idling Stop and Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) on DCT version
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA)
  • 6-speed manual gearbox with assist/slipper clutch

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

  • Third-generation DCT with 7-speeds
  • Smoother, quieter with faster upshifts and downshifts
  • Walking mode allows machine to ‘creep’ forward or back
  • The 4 riding modes also manage DCT for optimised response

Honda’s unique Dual Clutch Transmission is a natural fit for the new Gold Wing engine and development revolved around DCT as the base. This is the third all-new generation of the system and the first to have 7-speeds, specifically designed for long-distance cruising; it’s also extremely smooth and fast shifting. And lighter than the 5-speed manual transmission fitted to the previous design.


2018 GL1800 Goldwing Tour
2018 GL1800 Goldwing Tour
2018 GL1800 Goldwing
2018 GL1800 Goldwing Tour
2018 GL1800 Goldwing Tour
2018 GL1800 Goldwing Tour
2018 GL1800 Goldwing Tour
2018 GL1800 Goldwing Tour


2018 GL1800 Goldwing Tour
2018 GL1800 Goldwing Tour


This is the base setting for comfort and power giving you a direct response with default suspension damping and brake force distribution.


This mode serves up strong acceleration, with firmer damping and increased rear brake lever pressure.


With this mode selected you get maximum fuel economy and easy cruising with default damping and brake force to compliment the ride.


Select this to turn everything down to limit the throttle response for total confidence on a wet and slippery road. It works with the default distribution of braking force and much softer suspension damping.


Honda Selective Torque Control in all 4 riding modes, constantly allows controllable acceleration and good traction in slippery conditions. While in SPORT mode it allows maximum acceleration; you can really feel the engine pull – you’ll be hooked from the start



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