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2022 COTA 4RT 260R

2022 COTA 4RT 260R


The Montesa Cota 4RT began a revolution back in 2006 with the all-conquering power and torque delivery of its four-stroke engine. Always at the pinnacle of competition, and constantly evolving, the 4RT is the ultimate trials machine.



  • £6,499



Four-stroke engine

The Cota 4RT’s lightweight, fuel-injected, four-valve 258.9cc four-stroke engine delivers the smooth control – and power.

Lightweight protection

The bash plate is shaped to give maximum protection to engine underside and front lower frame rails. It’s also the same design as used by the Montesa World Championship machine and constructed from identical lightweight aluminium, maintaining thickness with improved strength.

Front suspension

Ground clearance is set at 310mm and the high-quality 39mm diameter Showa front fork features 158mm stroke. The Showa rear shock operates through Pro-Link and both front and rear suspension are adjustable for spring preload and compression damping.

Fine brake control

The lever can be adjusted without tools. Both brake and clutch lever brackets mount with a single bolt, making adjustment quick and easy.

Higher performance

The Montesa 260R is now equipped with the same muffler as the Cota 4RT 301RR. This new exhaust gives more power at mid and high range.


IT’S ABOUT QUALITY and attention to detail.

The Cota 4RT is carefully manufactured at Montesa Honda’s Factory in Barcelona, northern Spain. Each machine is meticulously assembled with every part checked and rechecked for the highest quality required from a Montesa, and the function of a championship-winning tool.


Develop your race craft.

If you want to take your competitive riding to the next level the Cota 4RT is primed and ready. Its twin-spar aluminum frame, suspension and strong engine are designed to find grip and drive in the face of what seems impossible. And a host of detail improvements – many inspired directly by the World Championship machine – plus sharp new decals keep the Cota 4RT firmly where it belongs. At the very top.

To the art of true balance.

A breath-taking climb strewn with wet, vertical rock faces. Or a gnarled descent over moss-covered tree roots. Competitive trials offer perhaps the most severe test of a motorcycle and rider – and it’s what we make the Cota 4RT for.

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