2021 GSX-S1000 GT


Superbike derived performance paired with the latest technology and all-day comfort allows the new GSX-S1000GT to deliver next level sports touring experience for both rider and pillion.

The thrilling 152PS, torque-rich powerplant and seamless quick shifter is just the start. A comfortable yet dynamic chassis, hard-luggage capability and cruise control means that miles of breath-taking roads are covered with ease. All this is combined with striking looks, a premium finish and a 6.5” colour TFT display with smartphone connectivity to round off the perfect machine for your next journey.


  • POWER (PS) 152
  • TORQUE NM 106
  • ENGINE (CC) 999
  • WEIGHT (KG) 226


OTR Price:

  • GSX-S1000GT £12,155
  • GSX-S1000GT + £13,155 (+ model includes panniers)


  • Metallic Triton Blue (YSF)
  • Metallic Reflective Blue (QT8)
  • Glass Sparkle Black (YVB)


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The GSX-S1000GT blends high levels of performance from its superbike-derived 999cc engine and agile, lightweight chassis with the comfort, functionality, and luxury associated with a true sports tourer. It represents a total rethinking of what performance-minded touring riders desire, whether embarking on a solo journey or with a pillion, or enjoying a sporty weekend ride.


The high performance, 999cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC inline-four cylinder engine that powers the GSX-S1000GT has been engineered to perform optimally in all types of riding conditions, whether touring over long distances or out for a sporty run, all while meeting Euro 5 emissions standards


Despite their spacious 36 litre capacity, these optional Genuine Accessory side cases feature a compact design that integrates seamlessly with the GT’s sharp, futuristic looks. Each is capable of accommodating a full-face helmet and features a quick-release key mechanism for easy mounting and removal. Meanwhile a 19 litre capacity fuel tank combines with the engine’s excellent 46.3 MPG fuel efficiency to bring the rider greater peace of mind by giving the GT superior touring range.



Agility, comfort, and riding pleasure were all design goals for creating this sports touring chassis. Every aspect reflects a focus on great handling and control in real-world conditions, such as riding with a pillion or carrying luggage, and to minimise rider fatigue when touring for long distances. Another major goal was to build the chassis to deliver the aggressive performance capabilities of a superbike-derived powerplant when heading out for sporty rides.


An upright riding position provides all-day-riding comfort, while wide-set rubber mounted handlebars and aluminium footrests with rubber inserts reduce vibration and fatigue. As well as aiding comfort, the handlebar position offers high levels of control and feel. Rider and pillion seats feature a sporty and attractive new design, covered in a material that provides positive grip. The rider’s seat is also shaped to offer freedom of movement when enjoying a sporty ride. Special effort went into designing the thickness, shape and size of the pillion seat to maximise passenger comfort, and into designing the new grab bars at the back of the seat for comfort and ease of use.


The GT windscreen focuses on maximising wind protection to deliver relaxing comfort worthy of a sports touring riding experience. At the same time, the designers were also concerned with keeping the form as compact as possible and making the screen attractive. Development involved repeated rounds of wind tunnel testing and analysis, with the design refined at each stage until it achieved just the right overall balance to satisfy both goals. In addition to deflecting wind away from the rider’s head, folds introduced along the sides also help shield the rider’s shoulders from the wind. The result is comfort, reduced stress from exposure to the cold and other elements, and reduced fatigue on long rides.


The 43mm KYB inverted front forks give a ride that is sporty-yet-plush. They have fully adjustable damping, rebound, compression and spring preload. The link-type rear suspension with adjustable rebound damping and spring preload settings contributes to enhancing agility and stability. From low through high speeds, the handling is neutral and the rider feels an immediate sense of confidence-building stability. At the same time, the GT delivers high levels of performance, responding faithfully under the heavy loads of high speeds.


The GT boasts radial-mount Brembo monobloc calipers, each with four opposed 32mm pistons biting 310mm floating discs for strong stopping power. While tyres are custom developed Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport 2 radial tyres, these benefit from an updated internal structure custom engineered to perform optimally on the GSX-S, as well as an optimised tread pattern with a new compound that enhances positive grip in wet conditions, warms up faster, and wears better.


The bi-directional quickshifter enables the rider to shift up or down without operating the clutch. As standard equipment, this feature enhances the riding experience and reduces fatigue. When activated, the system automatically interrupts power delivery when accelerating just long enough to unload the transmission, thereby producing smoother, almost uninterrupted acceleration when the rider shifts up.

When decelerating, without manually blipping the throttle or using the clutch, the system automatically opens the throttle valves just enough to increase rpm and match engine speed to the next-lower gear ratio. The result of this hands-free automatic blipping function combines seamlessly with engine braking to create a highly satisfying experience when the rider downshifts.


The GT is equipped with STCS with a selection of five modes (plus off) . The fine incremental control over settings allows the system to better fit the riding conditions in which the machine finds itself, whether riding alone or with a pillion, whether carrying luggage, or riding in inclement weather. This in turn instils greater confidence in the rider, regardless of experience, while reducing stress and fatigue.


Cruise control is a convenient system that allows the rider to maintain a set speed without operating the throttle. This helps reduce fatigue when touring long distances, particularly when travelling at constant speed on motorways. The chosen setting appears on the colour TFT instrument screen and the speed can be easily adjusted upward or downward using the plus or minus switch on the left handlebar. Cruise control can be set at speeds between 18mph to 112mph when riding in second gear or higher. The handy resume function re-engages the system and accelerates to the most recent speed setting after cancelling.


The GSX-S1000GT display keeps you fully aware of all the bike’s systems, settings and real-time operating status. And when connected to the rider’s smartphone it can also display maps, incoming and outgoing phone calls, contacts, and music for even greater convenience, functionality and fun.


Colour TFT Display

Smartphone Connectivity

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