Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System


Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring

  • ‘Plug and play’ TPMS technology to give riders precise pressure readings and absolute confidence in their tyres
  • Guards against the second most common mechanical defect contributing to motorcycle accidents


The Michelin TPMS – Bike is a ‘plug & play’ retrofit kit that comes as standard with a magnetic display mount, inductive charger and two sensors, replacing the original valve caps. It brings the same direct TPMS technology already launched for the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets to two-wheels for the first time.


Designed to detect a tyre in distress through loss of pressure, fast leakage or an increase in temperature – often the sign of an impending blowout – the display provides a highly visual alert and identifies the wheel affected.


Under-inflated tyres can seriously affect a motorcycle’s handling as they become deformed, reducing contact with the road and risking the tyre being pulled off the rim. The tyres are also more likely to overheat or be damaged by debris, whilst over-inflation can lead to uneven wear, reduced handling and poor ride comfort.


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Available from:

  • Bridgend
  • Cwmbran
  • Gloucester