JSR Racing – 2020



Round 3 Podium Pie!

Heat, dust, ruts and intense racing is just a few words that can describe this weekends racing at Warmingham lane.

Pulling into the pits on Saturday afternoon we were welcomed by fresh cut grass and a track that was perfect for a AMCA Events Championship event.

First into qualifying was Mark Young who set the 9th fastest time, which wasn’t bad considering he never got one clean lap in.

The races were fast and furious from the get go and Mark was gelling well with the technical circuit, a 7th in Moto 1 was a good start to the day but Moto 2 he really came alive! I have been saying all along if he gets a good start he can run upfront and that’s exactly what he did! Battling hard all Moto and came away with a 4th place. Moto 3 he had a terrible start getting pinched right of the gate and had to play catch up for the whole race and with the dust it was hard to do but overall good day finishing in 8th overall.



Chris Jones and Jamie Smith both headed out for qualifying with no expectations but just to get some clean laps in which they both done but very late on coming away with 4th and 6th respectively.

The races were very fast from the get go with the big 450’s clearly showing there speed out the gate over the JSR 250’s but Chris dug deep in all three moto’s for 6, 6, 8 scorecard leaving him with 6th overall.

Jamie unfortunately was suffering a bit with his asthma and fitness due to not riding much if at all this season, but was just happy to throw a leg over his immaculately prepared CRF250 and have a ride out and mix it up a little, and he came home with a smile on his face! Win win!



MX1 riders James Dodd and Brad Tranter were highly motivated this weekend after last weekend’s performance really didn’t do either of them justice to say the least.

James put a heater in on the last lap of quali to go P6 and Brad took a massive tumble on one of the gnarly rutted fast straights but lucky for him on lap to he already put a fast lap in giving him P13.

The races were nothing but spectacular in tall three motos with some serious battles and with multiple riders in contention for wins at any given time.
James rode outstanding in all three races being at the sharp end in every race and certainly being in the thick of the action. He was battling every race non stop for the whole 18 minutes plus a lap in the heat and dust with no rest bite and came away with 2, 6, 2 for 3rd overall. Well done James on a tremendous performance!

Brad had a consistent day which is exactly what we wanted from him, we know he has the pace at times but inconstancy and silly mistakes have hindered his results these past few rounds. He finished all three motos which is what we wanted with a 10th, 14th and a hard fought 7th place in the last moto to a finish on a massive positive heading into round four this weekend, he ended the day in 9th overall.





Round 2 was set to be a thriller the track was in immense condition and prepped to perfection.

The weather was good what more could you ask for.


The day started with MX2 Mark Young, he headed out to qualifying and immediately looked at home on the sand based circuit of long lane, hitting his marks and line choice was on point. He ended with a 9th place finish in qualification which was a great start to the day heading into race one.

Heading into the races he had a world of confidence, as the races got underway it was clear from the get go he had the pace to run top 3 but unfortunately due to a back injury he struggled to last the full 18 minute moto’s and faded slightly towards the end of the races ending the day with a 11th, 9th, 15th for 11th overall. A lot of positives to take away though and hopefully a week of rest will help his back heal.

Vets were out next and Chris Jones was on the line, after a little malfunction on the start line before practise he headed out last and got stuck in traffic for the whole of qualification and struggled to get a fast clear lap in but he still managed 8th which was a good enough gate pick come race time.
All three races were pretty similar with okay starts a lot of hard work but still not quite on pace with the front runners. There is a lot of work still to do for Chris with not a lot of rounds left but he did show a lot promise at times with some fast consistent laps. He ended the day with a 6th, 10th, 6th for 7th overall.

MX1 were next out with James Dodd and Bradley Tranter, They both came out the blocks firing with James in 4th and brad in 7th with only 2 seconds separating the top 8 riders.

James was his usual self very fast very consistent a little mistake in Moto 1 hindered his result slightly but he made the best of a silly mistake, a puncture in Moto 2 ruined that race but Moto 3 he done exactly what we know he can and finished out the day strong. He did have a little bit of struggle today with suspension settings and finding that sweet spot he needed to give him the confidence to really push his machine. He ended the day with a 5th, 27th, 3rd for 7th overall.

Brad started fast in Moto 1 and maybe went a little hard to soon and faded ever so slightly towards the end of the moto but he certainly showed he had the pace to run at the front, Moto 2 he had a massive crash on the first turn and to be honest we were surprised he got back up with how big he went, but he gritted his teeth and got to work on making a comeback. Moto 3 he had a mid pack start and was consistent to see the Moto out and ended the day with a 9th, 16th, 12th for 13th overall.



First round is done!

Arriving early Sunday morning the track looked a tad damp but with the weather forecast for no more rain it was set to be a fantastic day.

The Boraston circuit looked great with a few minor changes they made for this championship event.

MX1 – First out for practise/qualifying. James and Brad looked comfortable straight away and tried to get some fast laps in immediately before the bikes got too heavy with mud. They set 5th and 6th fastest time! Andy had a little uneasy start, not getting to grips with the track at first but he still brought home a respectable 16th place.

MX2 qualifying – with track conditions very heavy we knew qualifying wasn’t going to be Mark’s strongest point but knowing the track was going to get very technical by the time the races come along we knew he would be fine. He came out and struggled to find one clean lap but still managed 15th place which was good enough for a good gate pick for race start.

VETS qualifying – Chris Jones set 8th fastest time aboard his CR250 two stroke, which was a fine in very heavy conditions. Ste Marlow was also at the sharp end in 11th place but unfortunately tore his bicep off the bone late on in qualifying, ending his day early 🙁




James Dodd: Did exactly as we thought, strong starts all day and a holes shot which put him in contention. He rode a little tight at times which hindered some race results but he was on the podium at the end of the race, which is exactly where we wanted him to be. He managed on the day 3rd, 2nd and 5th for 3rd overall, which is a fantastic start to a short series!

Brad Tranter: Very frustrating day for Brad, as always he gave 100% but lady luck just wasn’t on his side. Moto 1 – he loses his goggles early on and gets a rear puncture,. Moto 2 – a couple of crashes. Moto 3 – he loses his rear brake in the first lap! Giving him a 10th, 15th and dnf score card for the day, not ideal but he lives on to fight another day!

Andy Smart: In true ‘Andy fashion’ he was super consistent all day and made up for his slow start in qualifying. He brought home 10th, 8th and 13th for 10th overall. He was a little tentative to start with but as the day went on looked more and more comfortable all he needs is some good starts and he will be at the sharp end very soon.



Mark Young: STARTS!!! They let him down all down which is very unfortunate as the pace was there and he certainly has the ability but having to fight from the back of the pack all the time is a lot of work. 8th 13th and 9th was his results for the day giving 8th overall. Realistically he was a top 5 rider all day and it won’t be long until we will see him at the front where he belongs.



Chris Jones: Consistent day for Chris on a track he wasn’t too keen on. 7th, 5th and 6th for 6th overall is a good start to the championship.





James Dodds first AMCA meeting since lockdown, yesterday with the Teme Valley Motocross Club at Boraston.

James went out in practise and instantly felt at home on the circuit and got some fast laps in pretty much straight away and setting the fastest lap of practise by 2 seconds.

Race 1
James got out the gate in third place and immediately got to work on the two riders in front, by the end of the first lap James had made his way to the front and basically led from start to finish with a flawless comfortable performance.

Race 2
Fantastic start in race two getting a great holeshot and putting himself in a great position. Early on in the race Josh waterman was hot on his heels but nothing was phasing James and he continued to plug away hitting all his marks lap after lap. Josh made a mistake dropping the bike and giving James a commanding lead. With nothing to prove James slows down to let waterman catch up and let him past so he could follow for the last two laps and learn some new lines.

Race 3
Cancelled due to dust

1-2 score card giving him 1st overall 🏆


📸 @JoeHaskaynePhotography


14.7.2020 – JSR Racing Report

This weekend our Mx2 rider Mark Young was back racing at the new and improved Warmingham lane circuit for a two day event.

Saturday was plagued by poor starts which hindered his final standings, but there was so many positives to take away from the weekend being the fasted on track in multiple races even on the smaller 250F machine.
Race 1: Coming from dead last on the start he had a lot of work ahead, but he kept his head down and started plugging away making light work of the competition to come back to an impressive 2nd place.
Race 2: The start was there and he was immediately in contention with the front runners, after a few laps he made his way into the lead and checked out showing the raw speed he has.
Race 3: With another poor start and short races he certainly had his work cut out for him. But in true young fashion he put his head down and started charging and getting very creative with line choice to get back to another impressive 2nd place finish to round out a successful Saturdays racing.
Sunday was not the day mark was looking for with a few mistakes and crashes really impacting his overall finish.
Race 1: Started exactly how we didn’t want it to with a first turn pile up! But he got mounted back on the bike as quick as possible and started charging through the pack to gain a very good 5th place on what was a very technical track.
Race 2: Crash causing a DNF
Race 3: Fantastic start in the third race was all he needed to put on a display of impressive riding. Being a very fast enduro rider the technical rutty track proved to be in his favour, setting some very fast and consistent lap times throughout the race to take the win.
How do you feel your weekend went Mark?
My weekend went well i had a lot of positives to take away, the track got very technical at times but my ThunderRoad JSR Honda took everything in its stride. With a short start straight and being mixed with 450’s it certainly made my weekend harder but i think i showed a lot of people i have the pace to not only run up the front but win races. Massive thank you to all the ThunderRoad JSR Honda team for supporting me.