Indian Motorcycle – New Scout Accessories


TACHOMETRE WITH SHIFT LIGHT  – £299.99 + fitting

The Auxiliary Tachometer with Shift Light mounts next to the standard instrumentation to keep a rider aware of the engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM),and enhance the bike’s high-performance style. An LED shift light illuminates to indicate recommended shift points. The analogue tachometer display is easy to read on the move. Available with black or tan dial face. The tachometer kit includes a black speedometer ring for models originally equipped with chrome speedometer rings




These easily adjustable rear shocks provide a smoother, more comfortable ride and increased suspension travel. Easy to operate twist knobs let riders adjust compression and rebound damping to suit individual riding preferences and road conditions. The piggyback reservoirs isolate oil for great heat dissipation and consistently outstanding performance. These shocks provide three inches of travel, one-third more than standard Scout Bobber shocks, for a more comfortable ride.




This Pathfinder Adaptive Headlight features patented, innovative technology that monitors the bike’s lean angle on a real-time basis and delivers optimized illumination of the road ahead – whether the bike is upright and rolling straight or leaned over in a turn. The headlight has 15 individual beams that are activated as needed based on the bike’s vertical attitude. It delivers superior usable illumination of the road where the bike is headed while minimizing light cast off the road on the outside of a curve. It also reduces any “hot spot” of potentially distracting bright light
on the road directly in front of the bike. This headlight provides optimized lighting in both low- and high-beam operation. Lighting performance is superior to that of a standard headlight, projecting light a greater distance and spread in front of the bike. Available in Chrome and Black.