JSR Thunder Road Honda 2019


JSR Racing Report


MX1 Race 1:
Great start to the day for both James & Ashley. Both riders finishing in the top 5 👊🏻 In Jacks’ 1st race back on the team, he crashed and has broken his collarbone and bruised his hip. We are gutted this happened and do wish Jack a very speedy recovery!
2 – James Dodd
5 – Ashley Thomas

Race 2:
Another good race for JSR.
5 – James Dodd
10 – Ashley Thomas

Race 3: 
Some pretty consistent racing as always from James & Ashley. Both very comfortably within that top 10 position 💪🏻
4 – James Dodd
10 – Ashley Thomas

It was a tough day of racing today but both riders did incredibly well! Well done lads 👍🏻
4 – James Dodd
9 – Ashley Thomas



The points are so close between the top 4 riders, one round can completely change the standings! Our lads are still doing an awesome job and we’re looking forward to RD6 to see if we can work our way up!

4 – James Dodd with 636 points – only 8 points behind 3rd position!
7 – Ashley Thomas with 476 points – Ashley has actually just moved up from 8th to 7th – good work 👍🏻
15 – Andy Smart with 297 points which is pretty good going considering he’s missed two rounds!



Race 1: JSR off to a solid start in race one. Unfortunately for Ashley he was involved in a first turn pile up which put him in dead last. With that being said, he didn’t give up and it’s probably the best we’ve ever seen him. He managed to work his way back up to 8th.

4 – James Dodd
8 – Ashley Thomas
9 – Andy Smart

Race 2: Another good race for JSR. Andy came off and broke the throttle on his bike resulting in a DNF. With the help of our team mechanics we managed to get this fixed for race 3.

7 – James Dodd
8 – Ashley Thomas
DNF – Andy Smart

Race 3: James and Ashley kept their momentum up today, finishing pretty consistently. But poor Andy over jumped the jump and has damaged his knee. We all wish Andy a speedy recovery!

4 – James Dodd
8 – Ashley Thomas
15 – Andy Smart


Overall: A pretty up and down day for JSR however we are all very proud of the lads and their results today!

5 – James Dodd
8 – Ashley Thomas
19 – Andy Smart


Championship standings: 
Mr consistent James Dodd has maintained the number 2 position! Andy & Ashley are both sitting comfortably within the top 10!
2 – James Dodd – 490
9 – Andy Smart – 297
7 – Ashley Thomas – 361

MX 2 – Brad has a pretty big crash in race 1. He put a whole in his petrol tank and exhaust pipe meaning that he was out of racing for the day! Luckily though he did manage to escape unharmed.

📷 @kevinbennett25

The lads now have a well deserved weekend off … Bring on RD5



Travelling all the way to the Czech Republic this weekend we have just the MX1 riders James Dodd, Ashley Thomas & Andy Smart.

Qualifying: Off to a great start to the day…

1 – James Dodd
2 – Ashley Thomas
6 – Andy Smart

Race 1: JSR take the top 3!

1 – James Dodd
2 – Ashley Thomas
3 – Andy Smart

Race 2: The boys are still comfortably in the top 5, just missing out on the top spot by a few seconds!

2 – James Dodd
3 – Ashley Thomas
5 – Andy Smart

Race 3: In race 3 Ashley got wiped out in the first corner and managed to work his way from dead last up to 7th.

3 – James Dodd
4 – Andy Smart
7 – Ashley Thomas

Overall: Great day of racing from the JSR lads. Very good results, all three riders finishing in the top 5!

2 – James Dodd
4 – Ashley Thomas
5 – Andy Smart

IMBA Championship Overall: JSR are still the IMBA leaders with James in poll position, Ashley very close behind in 2nd and Andy in 5th.

1 – James Dodd – total points 338
2 – Ashley Thomas – total points 313
5 – Andy Smart – total points 284

Great job team! 👍🏻

NEXT WEEKEND – RD4 AMCA Championship at Bushton



MX1 Race 1 – Three JSR lads are storming their way into the top 10. James Dodd was up there battling for poll position but finished in 2nd overall. Andy Smart was on 🔥 today! He finished in 6th with Ashley just behind in 9th.

MX1 Race 2 – Another great one for JSR. Once again all three lads were comfortably within the top 10 with Andy coming in 5th just ahead of James in 6th and Ashley in 8th.

MX1 Race 3  – Red flagged and the decision was made not to rerun the race. However the before the race was called off James was in 2nd place and Andy in 4th. As there were no official results for this race, we didn’t get a result for Ashley.

Overall – Another awesome round for JSR!

  • James Dodd didn’t disappoint with an overall result of 4th. James currently sits in 2nd position in the AMCA championship with 355 points – only 6 behind 1st place.
  • Andy Smart had a great day, he finished in 6th. Andy now has a total of 234 points and is standing at 9th in the championship.
  • Ashley Thomas was on again on great form today and finished in 7th overall. Ashley now has 246 points and is in 7th place in the championship.

MX2 Race 1- Brad had a great start to the day, he finished in 8th.

MX2 Race 2 – Unfortunately for Brad, he did come off during the race, which resulted in a DNF. He has bruised his collarbone and knee and decided it would be best to sit the rest of the day out and we don’t blame him. All of us at JSR wish Brad a speedy recovery!

Given the DNFs today, Brad got an overall of 29th.

Currently Brad stands at 13th in the championship with a total of 222 points.

Excellent work from all of the team! A huge thank you to Kevin Bennet for holding the fort down whilst Jamie was on holiday! Well done team 👍🏻

📷 credit to our official JSR photographer @kevinbennet25




AMCA Championships, Boraston – Round 2

The sun was out and so was JSR in full force! ☀️😎

MX1 Race 1:
James had an awesome first race, he finished in 2nd place.
Ashley had a pretty big crash in the first race and damaged his ribs. His bike was pretty bent after the accident however, he got back on his bike and worked his way from dead last to 15th!
A bit of bad luck for Andy in race one, he was working his way through the top 10 when his chain snapped resulting in a DNF.

MX2 Race 1:
Brad had a pretty good race and finished in 10th.


MX1 Race 2:
James had another pretty solid race, working his way through the pack he finished in 4th.
Ashley was still a bit sore from his accident in race 1 however he persevered through and finished in 13th.
Andy rode his practice bike in race 2 as he was unable to fix his bike at the track. This was his first time on his practice bike and rode pretty well considering. He finished in 12th.

MX2 Race 2:
Brad had a much better race 2. The whole top 10 were on really good form today. He battled his way up to 7th.


MX1 Race 3:
Once again, James was on solid form. He finished in 4th just falling short of a podium position.
Ashley had a much better gate on the third race. He finished 8th.
Andy on his practice bike again finished in 10th

MX2 Race 3:
Another solid performance from Brad in race 3. He finished in 8th position.

MX1 –
James Dodd – 4th
Ashley Thomas – 9th
Andy Smart – 18th

MX2 –
Brad Tranter – 7th


Championship Overall Standings:

MX1 –
James Dodd is currently in 2nd place overall with 258 points.

Ashley Thomas is in 9th position with 170 points.

Andy Smart is in 12th with 124 points and 1 DNF.

MX2 –
Brad Tranter is in 8th position in the championship with 138 points

Another great day in the sunshine – well done lads! Bring on RD3 at Warming Lane on 5th May 🏁🤙🏻



Race 1 and JSR takes the podium 😝 
All three MX1 riders finished in poll position with Brad Tranter just behind them, but comfortably within the top 10!

1. Ashley Thomas
2. James Dodd
3. Andy Smart
6. Brad Tranter

Race 2 and the boys were back at it again..

1. James Dodd
2. Ashley Thomas
4. Andy Smart
7. Brad Tranter

For the third and final race of the day, the boys absolutely smashed it with Brad even managing to get himself within the top 3!

1. James Dodd
2. Ashley Thomas
3. Brad Tranter
5. Andy Smart

Absolutely amazing results today from all of the riders! We’re very pleased to say that overall the boys finished with the following results: 😆

1. James Dodd
2. Ashley Thomas
4. Andy Smart
5. Brad Tranter

Great work team! Bring on R2 at Boraston 21 April!



AMCA Championships, Norley – Round 1

MX1 Race 1:

What a start to the championship. All three JSR riders finished within the top 10!

James Dodd smashed it with a 1st.
Andy Smart finished in 8th and literally seconds behind was Ashley Thomas in 9th.


MX1 Race 2:

All three boys finishing within the top 10.

James finished race 2 in 3rd place.
Andy had a 7th and Ashley had an 8th.


MX1 Overall results:

James #292 finished in 2nd overall however, he is going into round 2 with 110 points making him joint first with Josh Waterman.

Andy #10 finished in 7th overall with a total of 80 points

Ashley #11 finished in 9th overall with a total of 67 points

Absolutely great performance from our MX1 riders today – well done lads you’ve done JSR proud 🤙🏻


MX2 Race 1:

Brad had a pretty solid start to race 1 and finished in 9th – again another top 10 result for JSR!


MX2 Race 2:

Brad continued to battle his way through the pack in race 2 and finished in 12th.


MX2 Overall:

Brad got 10th overall this weekend and will be going into round 2 with 68 points! Good work Brad 👊🏻

What a great day with some amazing results. Well done lads and thank you to all of the extended JSR family for your hard work today 🤙🏻






What a day at Lower Drayton for JSR.

James Dodd #292 & Andy Smart #10 both entered into the MX1 Superclass. This was the first time since their California motocross holiday that they’d been on the track together. So we were excited to see how they would get on!

Race 1:

James got the hole shot and didn’t look back. He finished the race in 1st place with a 9 second lead.

Andy wasn’t far behind, he had an awesome start and was top 3 into the first bend. Unfortunately for Andy he stalled his bike however, he managed to work his way up to finish the race in 4th place.

Race 2:

Once again James was in the top 3 to the first bend and managed to work his way up to 1st. Mid way through the race a rock hit his goggles and damaged his roll off system which meant he had to call in for a speedy pit stop for a new set of goggles. With all this going on, he still managed to finish the race in 3rd position.

Andy had another great start to race 2 however he had managed to get water in the kill button which caused his bike to stop. Luckily we managed to resolve this very quickly and easily in the pits but it did mean Andy had a DNF.

Race 3:

James was on fire today. He had a great start and was in the top 3 into the bend again. He finished race 3 in 1st place with a 4 second lead.

Andy had a good race 3 and managed to work his way through the pack to finish in 6th place.

James left Lower Drayton with his first trophy of the season with our favourite number on it – #1!

We are so proud of James and Andy, they both rode exceptionally well today. Well done to you both – what an amazing start to the 2019 season!

Honda JSR Racing 2019

  • James Dodd #292
  • Andrew Smart #10
  • Bradley Tranter #142
  • Ashley Thomas #11


JSR Thunder Road Honda Racing Team

Pre-Season photoshoot with Tom Porter Photography

Andrew Smart #10
James Dodd #292








Bradley Tranter #142
Ashley Thomas #11












Watch out AMCA and IMBA. Not only is James Dodd back for 2019 but he is back on a Thunder Road Honda CRF450R again and this time part of the JSR Thunder Road Honda Team.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.

Team owner Jamie Smith from Ultimate Wheels, Silkolene, Pro Green and RFX just to mention a few.

Now Ashley Thomas and James both have there 2019 bikes they will be joined by there new team mates over the next few weeks.

It’s going to be a very exciting season for JSR Thunder Road Honda with a new look team for 2019 looking to make a statement.

Hope you will all wish them luck and give them your support.



Here’s the Team collecting their bikes!

Bradley Tranter collecting his CRF250R  #142



James Dodd collecting his CRF450R #292


Ashley Smart collecting his CRF450R  #11



31 March Norley
21 April Boraston
5 May Warmingham Lane
19 May Bushton
2 June FatCats
16 June Lower Drayton
7 July Hawkstone
28 July Culham
11 August Brookthorpe
1 September Long Lane