Honda CB500X Slip-on Scorpion Exhaust


New product released for Honda’s CB500X 2019-2020

Scorpion has released a slip-on exhaust system for Honda’s middleweight adventure motorcycle, the CB500X.

The innovative slip-on exhaust system features the modern Serket Taper silencer. The Tapered silencer is constructed from premium stainless steel and features a composite end-cap with a stylish red outlet port. It can be selected in three finishes to suit the riders preferences, brushed stainless steel, aerospace grade carbon fibre and light weight satin titanium.

The dyno developed system comes complete with a T304 stainless steel link pipe and full fitting kit. The internal of the silencer has been refined to work within the bikes standard engine configuration, no re-mapping is required.

As well as a power increase, the CB500X also receives a good weight reduction of almost 3kg aiding the rideability of the motorcycle. The Scorpion produces a deeper sounding exhaust tone which reflects the premium build quality of the product.


Fitment Years 2019-2020

Serket Carbon £379


Serket Stainless Steel £329


Serket Satin Titanium £379