2022 KTM Macina Chacana 792




Compared to the trail orientated KAPOHO and PROWLER models, the CHACANA is a comfortable touring bike.

The 791 and 792, as well as the CHACANA LFC SUV bike with light, fender and carrier, have been given a new frame for the 2022 model year. This is where the technology of the new BOSCH SMART SYSTEM is concealed. With this self-contained BOSCH system, easily recognisable by the new control unit, you are ready for the digital future. The system also includes the KIOX 300 display, the BOSCH PERFORMANCE LINE CX motor, a 4A charger and the most powerful BOSCH POWERTUBE battery ever (750WH) for even more range.

In addition, the EBIKE FLOW APP opens the door to the connected world and connects you with your bike. Thanks to the masterful work of our engineers, the proven KTM frame geometry has been retained despite the new increase in battery size and capacity.

Removing and reinserting the battery is easier than ever before. POWER TUBE TOP LOADER (PTTL) is the name of KTM’s own innovation for this user-friendly battery handling. All models are ready for the LFC upgrade.






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