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What is an ebike?

Just like a regular bike, you still need to pedal and steer with the handles. The idea of the electric motor is to assist, not completely replace pedalling. It means that hills and headwind are much more approachable and manageable, meaning you can travel further without getting tired and sweaty – perfect for a morning commute or to tackle that mountain trail all day long!


The environment benefits
Pedelec users go easy on the environment, especially if they use their eBike on a daily basis. Half of all car journeys are five kilometres or less. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the CO 2 emissions of a car are around 40 times higher than those of a bicycle with a battery-powered motor. So by using an eBike rather than a car for short distances, you are protecting the environment – and also travelling quietly and economically.
Headwind is a thing of the past
Who hasn’t wished for a little help when cycling on steep mountain roads or into strong winds? An invisible “hand” that provides a gentle push. Tackle
slopes or steep climbs almost effortlessly. Mountains are no longer a problem. Headwinds are hardly noticeable. All thanks to the eBike.
Perfect for commuting
Would you like to keep fit on your commute? Then the eBike is for you. It is a sporty option. A glance at the statistics reveals that there are 30 million  commuters in Germany. Nearly 25 million of them travel less than 25 km to work. Indeed, nearly every other German commuter travels less than 10 km to work. eBikes are ideal for distances of this kind.
Alleviation, exercise, extra boost
Thanks to the even, adjustable assistance provided by the eBike drive system, an eBike is ideal for training or for getting back into cycling after an  injury. Furthermore, the drive system prevents an excessive burden on knees and thigh muscles. This eases pressure on joints, tendons and ligaments. You would like to be fit and healthy and improve your wellbeing? An eBike is a step in the right direction.
Keeps you fit, makes you mobile
Are eBikes just for those who want to take it easy? Not at all! Despite the power assistance, eBikers still have to hit the pedals to get moving. And it is
up to you to decide how much power assistance you want or need. Studies have found that eBikers get on their bikes more often and cover much
longer distances than conventional cyclists. So: now is the time to get on a bike with power assistance regardless of whether it’s for comfort or for sporty use.
Wheely good advice
Could you do without discussions and complaints? No arguments, please? The mood can turn fast when people with unequal physical conditions and expectations set out on a cycling ride together. That is when a little motor can work wonders. Its power assistance equalizes differences in performance
and brings people closer together again. The result is that the tour is an experience everyone is happy to repeat. Again and again!
Easy on the wallet
eBikes are much less expensive than cars to buy and to maintain. Fuel costs, insurance premiums, car tax or parking charges? Zero. The cost of fuel alone for a diesel-powered car is currently around EUR 7.00 per 100 km. 100 km on a pedelec costs around EUR 0.25. Now that is a genuine saving. Plans already?
Fun factor
eBikes make cycling less work and more fun. With power assistance the eBiker can sail past many other road users freely and easily. The pedelec
is the fastest mode of transport available in urban traffic over distances of up to and including 5 km, even over distances of up to 10 km
eBikers can easily keep up with car drivers.
Pure mobility
Intermodal traffic? Not the slightest problem with an eBike. eBike to the rail station, take the train and then either use public transportation
or rent a pedelec to your destination. With an eBike you are fast and flexible. You can cover distances more easily and increase the radius of
distances that you can travel. Power assistance gives you a real boost in the city. eBikers leave tailbacks behind them and don’t need to worry
about finding somewhere to park either.
10 Something for everybody
The market is constantly coming up with new models and versions. Pedelecs are capable of speeds of up to either 25 km/h or 45 km/h. eBikes are available for urban or cross-country use, for leisure tours or for summiteers with sporting ambitions. There is a wide range from which to
choose and the right eBike for every kind of person. You really are spoilt for choice.