Bruhl Dryers at Gloucester


Brühl Motorcycle Dryers

Single and Dual Turbine Motorcycle Dryers.


Eliminate water spots and corrosion associated with moisture left in hard to reach areas and electrical switches. The Bruhl Motorcycle Dryers have been design specifically for use on motorcycles, with various shaped nozzles and robust construction.


1) MD1400 Single Turbine Motorcycle Dryer  – £119

Using your Bruhl Motorcycle Dryer after every wash will help to eliminate water spotting and corrosion associated with natural drying.

Product Specifications:
• Model: MD1400
• Description: Single Turbine, no assisted heat.
• Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50HZ
• Turbine Power: 1400W
• Hose Length When Extended: 3 Metres
• Hose Length When Retracted: 1.5 Metres

For best results always wash the motorcycle thoroughly using a good quality cleaner. Bruhl recommends a high quality anti corrosion wash, such as SDoc100 Total Cleaner.










Available in store or to order via our Parts and Accessories Team:

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