Battlax S22 Tested On Honda CBR650R


MCN’s junior web producer Ben Clarke has covered more than 15,000 miles on his Honda CBR650R long-termer, so it’s fair to say he’s had some time to contemplate on the best tyres for the bike!

After wearing out the original equipment Dunlop D214, on went a set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II hoops, but it’s been the test topping Bridgestone Battlax S22 that has impressed the most to date!

Motorrad Test Winner 2019

Within a year of coming to market, the new Battlax S22 was pronounced the outright winner of the annual test by Motorrad, which is considered to be the most important independent test in the bike tyre industry.


In their November 20th issue, Ben said of the Bridgestone tyres:

“The most striking difference between the outgoing Pirellis and these S22s is the corner entry. I felt like I was having to push on the bars really hard to get the bike to tip in initially, but once I had it was really easy to hold a line, and easier to make small adjustments mid-corner, too, with the Pirellis feeling a bit flightly by comparison.

The Bridgestones feel more stable in the wet and I can brake and steer harder in rainy conditions than I ever could with the Rosso Corsas, but they also take longer to warm up and you can get caught out on a cold day if you’re impatient.

Overall, for real-world riding, the Bridgestones get my vote. The Pirellis feel great in the warm and dry and I would choose them for heading to a trackday. But the stability and predictability of the S22s, especially in bad weather makes them a winner for me.”