2019 KTM eBikes


2019 Season eBikes


Macina Sport 9 A5


Mono-cushioned with aluminum frame, it has been designed to be suitable for off-road roads, and to be equipped with bags and loads of different sizes and weight. The components and technology make this ebike particularly comfortable.

Macina Sport 9 A5



Macina Scout


Suitable for both the city and for tours in the countryside. With a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX mid-engine, the 500 Wh powerpack frame battery and the Suntour XCR 34 air suspension fork, the KTM Macina Scout is the SUV among the 2019 KTM e-bikes, so to speak.

Macina Scout 271


Macina Ride 292/272


The KTM Macina Ride 292 2019 is an entry level semi-rigid ATV model ideal for beginners and occasional cyclists thanks to its easy handling and attractive price-performance ratio.

Macina Ride 272
Macina Ride 292


Macina Lycan 274


The next generation Macina Lycan is an extraordinary all-rounder. The new Bosch PowerTube battery and powerful CX motor are both fully integrated into the frame. Premium performance whilst looking great, and being totally reliable.

Macina Lycan 272


Macina Gran 8 (belt)


A true urban city cruiser, which was designed especially for the daily walks in the city. You are not only extremely stylish on the road, it also incorporates the latest Bosch performance technology. So a really successful mix of casual design and highly efficient e-bike components.

Macina Gran 8 (belt)


Macina Freeze 261


The KTM Macina Freeze 261 is a Fatbike with Bosch Performance CX drive just waiting to be used in demanding terrain. The combination of traction,  comfort and driving stability make the Macina Freeze a real trail king.

Macina Freeze 261


Macina Cross 9 A4


The new 2019 KTM Macina Cross 9 A4 scores as a low-priced multi-talent and is the ideal entry-level model! Whether for the daily commute to work
or a tour of the countryside, the Macina Cross 9 A 4 is prepared for anything.

Macina Cross A4


Macina Action 291/271


With this hardtail eMTB is never end in the field. The Suntour suspension fork with 100mm travel, the robust frame made of hydroformed aluminum and the powerful propulsion of off road Bosch technology make the Macina Action an agile and fast trail bike

Macina Action 291
Macina Action 271