100 Years of the Indian Chief


Kiwi Mike

Heritage Reimagined 09.02.21 The #IndianChief​ has always been the bike of choice for Mike Tomas of “Kiwi Indian Motorcycles” fame. A living legend who has dedicated his existence to the restoration of the iconic Indian Motorcycles of the past, and riding those pieces of mechanized history until the road ends. This is his reflection on 100 years of the #IndianChief​​.



Perry Sands

Perry Sands’ future as a legendary aftermarket pioneer, and founder of @performancemachine, was set in motion by his passion to go custom with his historic 1946 #IndianChief.



Mike Wolfe

Everyone starts somewhere. @mikewolfeamericanpicker of “American Pickers”, began his vintage motorcycle picking career with the #IndianChief.